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Who We Are

A full service film, hi-def and video motion picture* company that knows no boundaries. You will find that we couple the very latest digital technologies with artistic experience that spans the past 30 years. Oglesby Digital offers a unique, professional working atmosphere that is devoted to amplifying your creative vision, while never missing a deadline or failing to impress.

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Museum Quality Digital Graphic Art, Motion Graphic Design and 3-D Animation are physically, if not artistically, separated from the editorial process in Oglesby Digital’s workflow. We push the efficiency envelope of creative work by using a multiplatform digital file sharing solutions for still and motion graphics.

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Oglesby Digital crafted our market’s first Interactive DVD Title back in 1998. We sang the praises of DVD to the extent that its original interactive specification has been all but lost in a sea of hobbyists and digital appliances. Just about any geek with a computer can promise to make a DVD these days.

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